The Abe Store (阿部商店 Abe Shōten) is a small general store in Sakuragaoka owned by Setsu Abe. The shop is also Setsu's home. Ryo Hazuki can buy items like food for him and the orphaned kitten. In front of the store is a drink vending machine and two capsule toy machines. The shop opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 7:00 PM.


Item Price
Squid Legs ¥90
Salami ¥90
Caramel ¥120
Potato Chips ¥120
Chocolate ¥120

Raffle Prizes


The Raffle Prizes at the Abe Store.

If Ryo buys either chocolate, potato chips, or caramel, he gets to enter a raffle and could possibly win a rare capsule toy. Although the chances are very low.

  • Top Prize - Dural Gold Capsule Toy (1/400 chance)
  • First Prize - Dural Silver Capsule Toy (1/100 chance)
  • Second Prize - Mr. Yukawa Happi Capsule Toy (1/50 chance)
  • Third Prize - Mr. Yukawa Suit Capsule Toy (1/10 chance)
  • Fourth Prize - R-360, Space Harrier, Rent-a-Hero or Bonanza Brothers Capsule Toys (1/8 chance)
  • Fifth Prize - Random Capsule Toy (1/5 chance)


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