Ailian He (Hànzì: 何愛蓮, Pinyin: Hé Áilián, On'yomi: Ka Airen) is a popular fortuneteller in Hong Kong.

She can be found in the Ship Arrival Dock in Aberdeen, Hermit Fortunetellers in the Green Market Qr., Wan Chai and Blackness Fortunetellers in the first floor of the Dancing Dragon Bldg., Kowloon.


Ailian's family have been fortunetellers for decades starting with her grandmother. She does good business with young men because of her charming appearance and her remarkable fortunetelling. Ailian, however, gets annoyed by the men who pick up on her.

Shenmue II

Ryo Hazuki can get his fortune told by her for $20.

If he keeps getting his fortune told by her, she will fall in love with him and doesn't hesitate to tell him what she feels. She even gets jealous and warns Ryo about other girls such as Joy, Xiuying Hong, and Fangmei Xun. [1]


  • Ailian's zodiac sign is Aquarius and she has a AB blood type.


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