"What are you looking for a fight!?"
―Enoki about to fight Ryo. — Listen (file info)[src]

Akio Enoki (榎彰男 Enoki Akio) is a delinquent who is often seen hanging around Dobuita, Yokosuka with Tetsuya Nagashima.


Akio leads a gang of similar high school truants and tries to provoke Ryo Hazuki into a fight whenever he sees him, although he has never managed to beat him. Despite his nature, he has a soft spot for animals and goes to the Yamanose Shrine around midnight to feed the orphaned kitten. He always walks around with a twig in his mouth.

Extra / Alternate Scenes

  • After the day of the Heartbeats Bar event on a clear day a extra free battle can occur with Akio and Tetsuya at Sakuragaoka Park. This can only be done if the QTE battle with them is done. Nozomi Harasaki tries to stop Akio and Tetsuya from beating up a kid for throwing a toy plane at Akio's face. They start to sexually harass Nozomi until Ryo comes in to stop them.
  • Another free battle can occur only if the QTE battle and the previous free battle are done. At night (around 7:30) when Ryo walks into one of the gang's hideouts, they ambush him and fight. After Ryo beats them up he tells Akio to never come near him again.


  • In Shenmue II, a Yellow Head member Mengxia Zhang uses Akio's fighting style. The name of the fighting style in the game's files is actually 'EN_ENOKI' which is also the same name of Akio's fighting style in the Shenmue files.
  • Akio's zodiac sign is Cancer and he has a A blood type.
  • There's a secret scene where Nozomi can actually help Ryo fight Enoki and Nagashima at Sakuragaoka Park. For this to trigger, Ryo must increase the kitten's affinity score above 500, which can be done by feeding her 5 sliced fish. Then after triggering the scene at Sakuragaoka Park, rapidly press Y Y B X A A A (△ △ 〇 ▢ ✕ ✕ ✕ for PS4) in sequence. The timing for pressing this is during the first 8 or so seconds after the cutscene has started, showing Ryo walking along the road in Sakuragaoka towards the park, up until just before Nagashima appears. [1]


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