Anguo Wu is a member of the Yellow Heads.

Shenmue II

When Ryo Hazuki sets up a Chawan Sign at either Man Mo Bistro or Lai Lai Eatery, an employee of one of those shops gives him a sign Anguo left for him. The sign instructs Ryo to wait at the Come Over Guest House.

After waiting at the guest house, Anguo calls him telling him to meet him at Man Mo Park right away. Ryo finally meets him face to face, but he and other Yellow Heads ambush him.

If Ryo defeats Anguo's men, he will interrogate him and learn that the Dou Jiang Diner would be a good place to set up the Chawan Sign. If his men defeat Ryo, Xiuying Hong will arrive to assist and will knock out Anguo and all his men. She then takes Ryo to her apartment to recover.

Anguo is encountered again in many event battles with the Yellow Heads.


  • Anguo's zodiac sign is Capricorn and he has a O blood type


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