Asia Travel Company (アジア旅行社) is one of the travel agencies in Dobuita. It has a bad reputation in the area for failing to provide the goods that customers have paid for.

Ryo Hazuki first goes to Asia Travel Co. when trying to get a ticket to Hong Kong, but the fare was too expensive. After Masayuki Fukuhara gives Ryo his savings, Ryo finds out by talking certain people in Dobuita including Nozomi Harasaki or Wang Guang Ji, that it is cheaper to go by boat and that Asia Travel Co. is the only place that sells boat tickets. Ryo buys a boat ticket at Asia Travel Co., and Etsuko Sekine tells Ryo to come back in three or four hours for the ticket. After four hours Ryo comes back, a man named Jimmy Yan is there instead, and he says he doesn't have the ticket. Two thugs grab Ryo, then he attacks both the thugs, and Jimmy says he will call Ryo first thing the next day. The next day, Ryo gets a phone call from Jimmy. He said to meet him at You Arcade at noon for the ticket. Ryo enters the arcade, and is scammed yet again. Chai is there and he eats Ryo's ticket.

Ryo has not been the only one scammed by Asia Travel Co., Goro Ono was scammed by them when he had a motorcycle race in Malaysia. The hotel was not reserved for him. He also encouraged Ryo not to go there.

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