The wilderness of Bailu

Bailu Village (Hànzì: 白鹿村, Pinyin: Báilùcūn, On'yomi: Hakkason), also known as Miao Village (苗村 Miáocūn) in cut content of Shenmue II (Miao refers to the tribe), is a village in Guilin, China. Unlike some other locations seen in the series, Bailu is fictional. It is the setting for the first half of Shenmue III; the other half is set in Niaowu.

Bailu means "white deer". "Bai" (白) is Chinese for "white" and "lu" (鹿) is Chinese for "deer". White deers are the "guardians" of the village.


It is one of the oldest villages in Guilin and has been around since the Tang dynasty. It's been said that some nobles who were expelled from the city by the emperor built the village to live in hiding. As such, there are remnants of walls surrounding it.

Sometime in 1910 or a bit after, a Chinese emperor's envoy was welcomed into the village at the Verdant Bridge, who had been dispatched to Bailu to ask the local stonemasons (the Yuan family, who Yunshen Yuan is a descendant of) to sculpt the Dragon Mirror and Phoenix Mirror with the mythical Phantom River Stone which is said to only be found in Bailu.

Yuanda Zhu says that Sunming Zhao and Iwao Hazuki both trained in Bailu Village when they were young.

At an unknown point in time, long ago, the village suffered from drought, and there was a forest fire. The village surrounded by flames, a white deer appeared. The white deer led the villagers to the spring in the mountain, able to escape the forest fire. From then on, the white deer appeared occasionally, saving the villagers from many dangers.

Shenmue II

Shenhua Ling mentions about fifty people live in the village, although this is retconned to a bit more in Shenmue III.

With the exception of Shenhua's house and a nearby cave, it is an unused location for Shenmue II. Only a few pictures can be seen with Ryo Hazuki running around the village. There is also a map seen inside Shenhua's house of what could be the village that Ryo is in.

Ryo arrives in Langhuishan Village which is a two-day trek from Bailu. He meets Shenhua along the way and she guides him there.

Shenmue III

Bailu is explorable in Shenmue III as the starting point. Around the first half of the game is set in Bailu, the second half being in Niaowu.

Recently, the village has been attacked by thugs, presumably Chi You Men operatives, such as Yanlang, to interrogate the local stonemasons to find out where the Phoenix Mirror is, despite that it was located in the Hazuki Residence dojo basement.




  • Bailu Village is the location of the Shenmue tree, which the series is named after. The Shenmue tree is located by Shenhua's house.


Shenmue II (cut content)

Shenmue III

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