Bukichi Itoi (糸井武吉 Itoi Bukichi) is an elderly man that owns the Mary’s Patches and Embroidery Shop, the sole maker of embroidered patches in Dobuita. His name in China before he became a naturalized Japanese was Su Jian Ren (蘇健仁 Sū Jiànrén).


Previously, until his son moved to Kyushu on business, he lived with his eldest son. Now he lives alone.


Ryo Hazuki can go to Bukichi when searching for the Three Blades. He suggests he asks Liu Gong Hui over at Liu Barber & Hair Salon. Ryo asks him how he knows about the Three Blades. He answers that years ago he was Chinese, but now he's a naturalized Japanese and reveals his name in China.


Bukichi has the spirit of a true workman and is proud of his profession.

He claims now to have forgotten all of his Chinese except for "nihao" (hello) and "shay shay" (thank you).


  • Bukichi's zodiac sign is Pisces and he has a O blood type.
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