Catch the Skipper! is a side quest in Shenmue III. The quest is found in Niaowu and can be started by speaking to Jialing Ma at Hotel Niaowu after Ryo has found the Buddhist shop.


A skipper appeared in Hotel Niaowu Jialing Ma from the front desk wants me to collect his fee.

Notebook Entries

  • Collect hotel fee.
  • Check the vicinity of Hotel Niaowu.
  • Found the skipper.
  • Narrowly caught the skipper! Collected his hotel fee.
  • Return hotel fee.
  • In return, got an exclusive and original Hotel Niaowu T-shirt.


After completing the story event to find the Bhuddist shop, speak to Jialng Ma at the front desk of Hotel Niaowu. She will inform Ryo that recently Baitong Zhou has ran off without paying his bill and asks Ryo to search the vicinity and find him.

Leave the hotel and Baitong can be found in the harbor on the right side of the warehouse by the forklifts. When Ryo asks if he is the skipper he gets defensive and challenges Ryo to combat. When he is defeated, he will admit that he skipped on his bill and agrees to return to the hotel to pay Jialing.

Return to Jialing at the hotel and she will thank Ryo and give him an exclusive Hotel Niaowu T-shirt as a reward.

If the quest is not completed soon enough, Jialing will inform Ryo that one of her employees found the skipper instead.

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