Chai Profile
Hair color
Eye color
160 cm
55 kg
Possibly Chi You Men
Voice actor
Issei Futamata (Japanese)
Paul Lucas (English)
"Heeegh!! You're not going to Hong Kong!! Because the Great Chai will defeat you!! Heegh Heegh Heegh!!"
―Chai about to fight Ryo for the second time[src]

Chai (チャイ Chai) is a low ranking member of the Chi You Men who stalks Ryo Hazuki and learns of the existence of the Phoenix Mirror. He seems eager to impress Lan Di and work for him, so makes it his goal to steal the Phoenix Mirror from Ryo so that he can pass it on to Lan Di. He also becomes involved with Terry Ryan and the Mad Angels to further his goals. Chai uses a strange style of martial arts which seem to match well with his strange appearance and physique.


Chai first appears in Yokosuka, although it is unsure whether he was sent there by Lan Di or followed on his own. Either way, he keeps a close eye on Ryo and those around him, eventually discovering that Ryo has in his possession the Phoenix Mirror.

Shen Chai arcade you 4

Chai eating Ryo's ticket.

Chai later fights Ryo inside the You Arcade after Chai steals Ryo's ticket to Hong Kong and eats it. This is a very tough fight to win, but losing progresses the game anyway, and there is no real reward in winning, other than a feeling of satisfaction and being able to progress the game by encountering Jimmy Yan soon.

He follows him all the way to the New Yokosuka Harbor District where Ryo is meeting with Guizhang Chen and Master Chen, and manages to steal the mirror. However his victory is short lived and the mirror is taken back by the effort of Guizang and Ryo. Chai doesn't quit there and swears to get back at them.

Chai goes into league with Terry, the leader of a gang called the Mad Angels that operates in the harbor who have also been having trouble with Ryo. With both their efforts they kidnap Nozomi Harasaki to get Ryo to meet them at the harbor. This attempt at dealing with Ryo again fails, not only does he rescue Nozomi, but, he and Guizhang, defeat the Mad Angels.


Ryo knocks Chai into the sea.

Shortly after, as Ryo and Guizhang are about to leave for Hong Kong, Chai appears again to take the mirror. Hanging on a metal bar above them, Chai drops it down on Ryo, but Guizhang pushes Ryo out of the way, saving him but injures his leg. Chai then proceeds to fight Ryo but is defeated and gets knocked into the sea.

Shenmue Side Story

In an unlockable side-story comic included on the Xbox version of Shenmue II, Chai is following Ryo onto the boat to Hong Kong and making another attempt to fight with him. He kidnaps a young girl who is a passenger aboard the ship to make Ryo fight him, but is defeated and, once again, knocked into the sea.


  • Fans have noted that Chai resembles Gollum from JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings novels.  
  • There is a unused Chai model in the Shenmue II files. He can appear anywhere in the game through model swapping.
  • Chai has a AB blood type.
  • Chai uses the fighting style of Lion Rafale from the Virtua Fighter series.


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