"Do you hear me?! A half-baked skill is a double-edged blade!"
―Feng to Ryo

Grandmaster Chengxu Feng (Hànzì: 鳳承旭, Pinyin: Fèng Chéngxù, On'yomi: Hō Shōkyō) is the eldest martial artist in Bailu Village. His house is a bit isolated from the main village, near the Tertiary Spring. He's currently teaching Zhen Wei. Many years before, Iwao Hazuki and Sunming Zhao trained together for some time under him. He's the first character who confirms that the man in Chinese dress in the old picture of Iwao is actually Sunming Zhao. He's an old friend of Sun, with whom shares the interest for Chinese martial arts.

Grandmaster Feng is a sparring option in Bailu.

Shenmue III

Ryo tells Feng that his father was killed by Lan Di, who declared he was taking vengeance for his father's death. Grandmaster Feng explains he cannot believe Iwao killed Sunming Zhao (Lan Di's father).

When later Ryo asks for Grandmaster Feng's help to learn a way to defeat Yanlang, Feng refuses. He tells Ryo that he's not ready and harshly dismisses him.

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