Chiyoumen logo

The symbol of of the Chi You Men, as it appears tattooed on Lan Di's arm.


The four leaders of the Chi You Men, Lan Di, Niao Sun, and Koutei and Gentei's silhouettes

The Chi You Men (Hànzì: 蚩尤門, Pinyin: Chīyóumén, On'yomi: Shiyūmon) is a Chinese cartel that is the main antagonistic organization of the Shenmue series.

It is led by Lan Di, Niao Sun (Yan Di), Gentei (Xuan Di), and Koutei (Hao Di), with the latter two yet to be revealed. While these four are considered "leaders" of the organization there is in fact one true leader who out ranks all four of them who goes by the name of Tentei (Heaven Emperor).

They want to acquire both the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors as the mirrors act as a treasure map using light reflections. The mysterious treasures are said to be hidden away in order to revive the Qing Dynasty. It is also rumored they may resurrect a legendary Chinese war deity called Chi You that would devour the world, and potentially show the way to a new one.

The Chi You Men are also connected with the Mad Angels in Shenmue, the Yellow Heads in Shenmue II and the Red Snakes in Shenmue III.

Their name is inconsistently spelled. In Shenmue, it is "Chi You Men". In Shenmue II, it is "Chiyoumen". In Shenmue III, it is "Chi You Men". For consistency, this wiki will use Chi You Men.

Known Members

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These are the members that are known to be part of the Chi You Men.


  • There is a fan theory that there are also Tiger and Tortoise Mirrors, and that the four of them are needed to show the way.
  • For years, the Shenmue community had believed Ziming Hong (Xiuying’s brother) to be one of the leaders of the Chi You Men, specifically the leader of the West. This is due to Ziming appearing in the side comic along with Niao Sun dressed in white. Ziming’s character also looked very similar to one of the shaded figures in the famous Chi You Men leader picture (the one on the far right).
    • A Shenmue fan, David De ville, interviewed Yu Suzuki. In this interview, he revealed that Ziming is in fact not a leader of the Chi You Men and that the other two leaders have not been seen yet. There is still a very high chance that Ziming did in fact join the Chi You Men however and is an extremely high ranking member.
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