The four leaders of the Chi You Men, from left to right: unknown, Lan Di, Niao Sun and Ziming Hong.

The Chi You Men (Hànzì: 蚩尤門, Pinyin: Chīyóumén, On'yomi: Shiyūmon) is a Chinese cartel lead by Lan Di, Niao Sun, Ziming Hong and currently unknown fourth leader. They want to acquire both the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors so a legendary Chinese monster called Chi You will resurrect itself and devour the world. The Chi You Men are also connected with the Mad Angels and Yellow Heads.

Their name is inconsistently spelled. In Shenmue, it is "Chi You Men". In Shenmue II, it is "Chiyoumen". For consistency, this wiki will use Chi You Men.

Known Members

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These are the members that are known to be part of the Chi You Men.