Chrys James (クリス・ジェームス Kurisu Jēmusu), commonly known as Cool Z, is one of Wuying Ren's henchmen. Cool Z loves rap music, and is never seen without his signature red boombox. He appears to be intimidating, but he is actually weak in a fight. When he realizes that an opponent has the advantage, he runs away. He and Xianweng Ni (Wong) are close friends.

Shenmue II

Cool Z first appears when he, Sam, Larry, and Wong steal Ryo Hazuki's bag. If Ryo succeeds in the QTE Chase with Wong, he fights Sam and Larry. Once he beats the two, Cool Z runs away scared. If Ryo fails the chase and all the battles with Sam and Larry when retrieving his bag, he will see Wong buying a Virtua Fighter capsule toy with Cool Z standing behind him. He then attacks and interrogates Cool Z demanding to know where his bag is.

Later on, Ryo runs into them again in Beverly Hills Wharf where he demands to be taken to see Ren. Unfortunately, Sam refuses to take him unless he donates $500 to Ren.

When Ryo chases the Heavens after being tricked by Ren, he can follow Cool Z which triggers an extra cutscene. Ryo will interrogate him by taking his boom box and threatening to break it unless Cool Z tells him where Ren is. Ryo will then learn that Ren is at Lucky Plaza, a building under construction on Queen's Street. Ryo then tosses back the boombox, with Cool Z becoming visibly relieved upon its return.

When Ryo and Ren go to Kowloon, Cool Z stands guard outside the hideout with his boombox.

Shenmue III

Although Cool Z does not appear, Joy will mention him if Ryo calls her at Hotel Niaowu.


  • "Cool J" (クールJ Kūru J) is his nickname in the Japanese version. It was changed to "Cool Z" in the European and American versions, possibly as an attempt to prevent any copyright infringement against LL Cool J.
    • Even when playing the PAL Dreamcast version which has Japanese audio and English subtitles, he is verbally referred to as "Cool J", but the subtitles say "Cool Z".
    • The change is also still intact in the American and European versions of the game's re-release Shenmue I & II, although when selecting Japanese voices they still verbally refer to him as "Cool J", but the English subtitles say "Cool Z".
    • When Ryo calls Joy in Shenmue III, she will mention Cool Z and the name change is still intact. Although when selecting Japanese voices, she will verbally refer to him as "Cool J", but the English subtitles say "Cool Z".
  • Cool Z's zodiac sign is Scorpio and his blood type is AB.
  • Cool Z is a fan of Chunyan Xu.


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