―Chunyan after Ryo saves her life when he defeats her.[src]

Chunyan Xu (Hànzì: 徐春燕, Pinyin: Xú Chūnyàn, On'yomi: Jo Shun'en) is a street fighter who specializes in Jeet Kune Do style.

She fights in the Black Heaven Building in Kowloon and appears to be the younger sister of her bookie, Caiming Xu.

Shenmue II

A scout for the Yellow Heads, Yuandao Huo instructs Ryo Hazuki to defeat Chunyan, Rod Stunt and Greg More for access to the Yellow Head Building, where Yuanda Zhu is being held captive.

Ryo needs $2,000 to fight Chunyan, which he can easily receive from fighting Rod, then Greg if he does not have it already. Chunyan is a merciless fighter, and killed her opponent that she fought before Ryo by throwing him off a ledge to his death, which he presumably agreed to if he lost.

After Ryo defeats Chunyan, she ended up hanging from a ledge, with Caiming Xu worrying about her falling to her death. To Caiming and Chunyan's surprise, Ryo saves her life by pulling her up. Ryo wins $3,000 and writes in his notebook that she won't be killing anyone again.


  • Chunyan uses the same fighting style as Sarah Bryant from the Virtua Fighter series.
  • Chunyan's zodiac sign is Virgo and she has a A blood type.
  • In Virtua Fighter 4's Kumite mode there is an A.I. of Sarah Bryant with the ring name Chunyan whom you can fight against.
  • Chunyan only speaks one word of dialogue.
  • Cool Z is a fan of Chunyan.


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