Shenmue Darts

Ryo deciding whether or not to play darts at Pine Game Arcade.

Darts (ダーツ darts) is a minigame that is playable in the Shenmue series. Ryo Hazuki can play Darts to kill time, or to win prizes. Darts boards can be found at arcades and in bars throughout Yokosuka and Hong Kong. In Shenmue II a variant version, competitive darts is introduced allowing Ryo to compete against various characters in Hong Kong.


It costs ¥100 per game at the You Arcade and the Harbor Lounge and $5 at the Pine Game Arcade. If you score 120+, you earn a free second game. If you then score 240+, you earn a final free third game. Earning 300 points or more will earn you the Mini Darts capsule toy.



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