Dejing Hong (Hànzì: 洪徳靖, Pinyin: Hóng Déjìng, On'yomi: Kō Tokusei) is a character in Shenmue III who is Delin Hong's brother.

Shenmue III

If Ryo Hazuki talks to Dejing who appears in the second part of the game, he mistakes him for his old co-worker Delin from his cargo carrying job at Fortune's Pier, Aberdeen and tries to get him to remember him. He then reveals he is in fact Delin's brother, Dejing Hong. He said that many people couldn't tell them apart because they look so similar, but they are in fact very different. He asks Ryo if he is the handsome one, and he says he thinks so most likely out of courtesy. Dejing then offers to help Ryo if he ever needs it.

In one of their conversations, Dejing will ask Ryo if Delin ever tried to teach him his "dumb move" as he says the Brawling Uppercut. Dejing says he always tries to teach everyone the move, but always got beat up when trying to use it in fights because it is too slow.

Ryo can also work for Dejing as a forklift operator to earn some money.


  • Meeting Dejing is the second time in the Shenmue series where Ryo meets one of his old friends that appear in the previous game's identical brothers. The first was Wang Guang Ji from the first Shenmue's identical brother Guangyan Wang that he met in Shenmue II. Ryo mistakes them for Delin & Guang Ji, and they both offer to help Ryo in any way they can.


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