"It's heavy, don't drop it!"
―Delin telling Ryo not to drop the heavy crates. — Listen (file info)[src]

Delin Hong (Hànzì: 洪德林, Pinyin: Hóng Délín, On'yomi: Kō Tokurin) is one of the harbor workers for Fortune's Office at Fortune's Pier, Aberdeen.


Delin is good natured, works very hard and doesn't take things too seriously. He doesn't have any future plans. It seems he is satisfied if he can earn enough money to live each day out.

Delin also has a brother named Dejing Hong who appears in Shenmue III. Many people couldn't tell them apart because they look so similar, but they are in fact very different. Delin also has a move that he always tries to teach everyone, that he has also taught Ryo Hazuki called the Brawling Uppercut. He always gets beat up when trying to use it in fights because it is too slow.

Shenmue II

After Joy takes Ryo to work at Fortune's Office for the first time because all his money was stolen, Ryo can work with Delin at anytime to earn extra money by asking either him or the boss Gonglin Sun about a part-time job (When near or locked on to them, press the Y button, then select "Part-Time Job"). They will need to move all the heavy crates in the warehouses together.

Later on, Delin teaches Ryo the Brawling Uppercut move if he works with Delin while he's earning $500 to meet Wuying Ren, or after he already meets him (If the Command QTE fight with Ren is succeeded), because he's afraid if he helps Ryo fight Ren, his gang will come after him. So he thought he could help by teaching him a move.

If Ryo says goodbye to Delin before he leaves Hong Kong for Kowloon, Delin will feel upset, as he feels he and Ryo made a good team while working for Fortune's Office.

Shenmue III

Although Delin does not appear in Shenmue III, Ryo can meet his brother Dejing. He mistakes him for Delin and tries to get him to remember him. He then learns that he's Delin's brother and Dejing offers to help Ryo in any way he can.


  • If Ryo continues to practice the Brawling Uppercut move after he masters it, Delin will show him how to do the move again, but when he takes a step back, he falls into the sea.
  • When saying goodbye to Delin, the dialogue will be different depending on if Ryo learned the Brawling Uppercut move from him. If he learns it, Delin will ask if he used the move on Ren and that he wants to teach him another move. If he doesn't learn it, Delin will ask Ryo to work with him again instead.
  • Delin's zodiac sign is Cancer and he has a A blood type.


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