"Let me buy you a drink! You want a drink with me?"
―Dick smothering Ryo at the red light district in Dobuita[src]

Dick Phillips (ディック·フィリップス Dikku Firippusu) is a American sailor who works at the New Yokosuka Harbor District. His nickname is “Red Nose Dick.” The reason he has this nickname is because his nose turns red when he drinks.


Dick likes alcohol, but is not a very heavy drinker. Once in a while, he is seen in Dobuita street, very drunk. He has been sailor for 12 years and serves aboard the same ship as Harry Thompson and the other members of the foreign sailor gang.


Ryo Hazuki can encounter Dick Phillips walking around drunk in the red light district of Dobuita at night (only during the evening hours of Disc 2). This triggers a QTE battle. If Ryo succeeds, he does a floor sweep to Dick causing him to walk away. If Ryo fails, Dick hits him in the back of his head with his alcohol bottle knocking him out. This will trigger a cutscene with Masayuki Fukuhara putting Ryo in his bed and allowing him to take it easy. This battle can happen again if failed.

Dick is encountered again when Ryo works as a Forklift operator at the New Yokosuka Harbor District in the event battles with the members of the foreign sailor gang.


  • When Ryo floor sweeps Dick when he succeeds the QTE battle with him, in the original Japanese version Dick says "Shit!". In the English version, this changed to a much more mild curse word "Damn!".
  • A picture of 5 americans can been seen in room 201 of Hotel Niaowu in Shenmue III. Dick is among them.


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