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Ryo walking around in Dobuita.

Dobuita (ドブ板) is the largest area in Yokosuka, which has a lot more shops than Yamanose and Sakuragaoka. The majority of Disc 1 of Shenmue (for the Dreamcast versions) takes place in Dobuita. It has bars such as Hearbeats, Bar Yokosuka, and MJQ Jazz Bar. It also has an arcade, a convenience store, flower shops, restaurants, and whole lot of other shops. Also people of a magazine came to Dobuita and there is a theory that Dobuita may become famous.

Dobuita is a real street in in Yokosuka, which is also a real city, although Dobuita has been modified in the game with its layout and locales, so it is not a 1:1 recreation of it.