"I'll smash you into pieces! Die!"
―Dou to Ryo

Dou Niu (Hànzì: 斗牛, Pinyin: Dòuniú, On'yomi: Togyū) is the leader of a gang called the Yellow Heads that operates in Kowloon.


Dou Niu is a large brute-like character, who lacks intelligence and is always tricked by Wuying Ren. He has even dubbed Dou Niu as "Stupid Dou Niu".


Dou Niu has a relationship with Yuan who is his right-hand partner and a high-ranking executive of his gang possibly due to their relationship.

Although it is not said why, Dou Niu's gang has a rivalry with Ren's Heavens gang. Dou Niu also has connections with the Chi You Men and with Lan Di. Dou Niu's current goal is to find Yuanda Zhu in Kowloon and bring him to Lan Di.

Shenmue II

Shen2 Dou Niu and Yuan kill Ryo and Ren

Dou and Yuan confronting Ryo and Ren.

Dou Niu is first encountered when Ryo Hazuki and Ren are seeking Yuanda Zhu, but he defeats them and they become handcuffed. Later, when they are fleeing the Dancing Dragon Building, they injure Yuan, and moments later, Dou exits a nearby elevator. Enraged they injured his "partner", Dou proceeds to chase them but they escape.

In the Ghost Hall Building, Dou and Yuan are able to find Zhu by following Ryo and Ren. Yuan captures Zhu, while Dou fights Ryo, but Dou is fought by Xiuying Hong who defeats him and rescues Ryo.

Screenshot 2015-07-09 17.30.37.png

Dou's final showdown with Ryo.

In the Yellow Head Building, Dou tries to chase Ren and Ryo, but fails. On the roof, Dou almost kills Wong by dropping him, but is stopped by Ren and Ryo. Dou serves as the final boss of the game. Dou is unable to hand Zhu over to Lan Di due to intervention from Ryo and Ren. After his defeat, he is last seen collapsed on the roof.


  • Although it is never confirmed, there are several allusions to Dou Niu being homosexual, or possibly bisexual and in a romantic relationship with a cross-dressing male named Yuan. For example, Dou Niu refers to Yuan as his "cuddly little love thing" on one occasion. While in the English versions of the game, this was changed to refer to Yuan as his "partner" as well as Yuan being modified with a woman's voice and being referred to as female. Although Yuan's gender is androgynous in the English versions of Shenmue II, it seems that if Dou Niu would be heterosexual in these versions if they were in a relationship as Yuan is a female in these versions. This as well as Yuan's gender change could be considered as censorship.
  • Dou Niu is very strong, but may also be highly athletic as he may have crossed tiny wooden planks that would not realistically support his weight in the Ghost Hall Building. This could be possible, or he and his men may have got the elevator key like Ren to avoid this as his gang has a lot of connections in Kowloon.
  • Dou Niu's zodiac sign is Taurus and he has a B blood type.


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