The drink vending machines can be seen and used to buy drinks throughout Shenmue and Shenmue II. The Japanese version of Shenmue has real products in the game including three Coca-Colas, Orange Fanta, Grape Fanta, Sprite, and 2 Georgia coffees. For the American and Europe versions, Sega went for fake products named Bell Woods "Jet Cola". The price of these drinks were ¥100 in Japan and $5 and Hong Kong.

For the most part, buying drinks is pointless. They don't restore health, make Ryo run faster, pass time, or allow him to stay up later, although there is one achievement in Shenmue I & II for buying Wang Guang Ji a drink. Rather, drinks are basically a secret form of gambling, as there is a 1/10 chance Ryo will receive a Winning Can.



The Coca-Cola Company Bell Wood
Coca-Cola Jet Cola
Orange Fanta Fruda Orange
Grape Fanta Fruda Grape
Sprite Jet Soda
Georgia Coffee Original Bell Wood's Coffee


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