"Quack! Quack!"

Duck (アヒル Ahiru) is a white duck that is obtainable by Ryo Hazuki. Once obtained, it can be used in The Duck Races. If it scores first place in the race, Ryo will be awarded the Big Gold Medal.

Shenmue II

To obtain the duck, Ryo will first need to meet Eileen M. Edelweiss and Izumi Takano, then obtain the Big Bronze Medal which can be done several different ways. Then, he will need to go to the top floor of Pine Game Arcade and street fight Eileen and Izumi. Once they are both beaten, Ryo will be awarded the Big Silver Medal.


Ryn meets Duck.

Ryo will then have go to the yard behind Man Mo Temple in Scarlet Hills and do the Catching Leaves mini-game. He will have to catch at least two leaves at once twice. After catching at least two leaves at once twice, there will be a quack sound and a feather will fall among the leaves, then he will need to catch the feather. Ryo will spot a duck in the tree, and will have to choose the option to catch the duck.

After all of this is accomplished, Ryo can use the duck in the races. The duck will not be skilled at first, but the more it races the better it will become each time.


  • "Yo!" (in duck)
  • "I'm gonna kick some ass! Yeeaah!" (in duck)
  • "Watch me, baby!" (in duck)


  • It is unclear if Duck will appear in Shenmue III, and if Duck is a canon part of the storyline. However, because Duck does not appear in the later cutscenes in Shenmue II (such as in Kowloon), it seems unlikely Duck is canon.
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