"Don't be sorry; There's no meaning in a fight if it's not done seriously."
―Eileen to Ryo Hazuki

Eileen M. Edelweiss (アイリン・M・エーデルワイス) is a Canadian student learning Kung Fu in Hong Kong, China.

She can found training at Pigeon Park in Worker's Pier. She also takes part in tournaments at the Pine Game Arcade in the Golden Quarter, Wan Chai.

Eileen is also good friends with Fangmei Xun and is grateful for her helping her to learn Chinese. When Eileen speaks, she sometimes speaks in English.

Excluding her appearance at Pigeon Park, to even meet with Eileen further, the player needs to start the Fangmei Birthday Event.


  • Eileen's zodiac sign is Leo and she has a O blood type.


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