Fangmei Xun (Hànzì: 薫芳梅, Pinyin: Xūn Fāngméi, On'yomi: Kun Fanmei) is a young girl who works at Man Mo Temple. She is an orphan who was adopted by the temple and works there to repay their kindness. She also likes to cook and help out. Fangmei becomes very interested in Ryo Hazuki after he comes into contact with the temple and starts to help out there too and is eager to help him and get to know him. Fangmei is also good friends with Eileen M. Edelweiss, helping her learn Chinese.



Fangmei sweeping the yard of Man Mo Temmple.

Fangmei is very cheerful and outgoing. She admires Xiuying Hong with all her heart and inspires to be like her. She often socializes with the people of Scarlet Hills and is very liked by them. She also is very kind, generous and was even willing to give Ryo her allowance to help him with money. She takes pride in cleaning the temple and aspires to find love like any other teenager.

Shenmue II

Ryo first meets Fangmei after the first night staying with Xiuying at the Yan Tin Apartments. She informed him that Xiuying wants him to hurry of to the library in order to start airing out the books of the temple's library.

Although this is purely optional, Ryo and Fangmei's relationship can grow further if he triggers conversations with her in Free Quest. This will also trigger several extra events with her. To do this he must simply walk by her and she will stop him to ask him a question and dialogue options will appear. Ryo must say the right thing, or she will get moody and not talk to him for the rest of the day.

After a while of conversing, she will start to refer to him as "Ryo" rather than "Hazuki-san". Any time after this but before March 3rd, Ryo can start to trigger the "Fangmei Birthday Event" which is commonly missed on a normal playthrough. First, he will need to meet her friend, Eileen M. Edelweiss at Pigeon Park in Aberdeen. The next day after meeting her, he will need to go to Man Mo Bistro where they are both eating lunch. This will trigger a conversation between them. Eileen and Fangmei will leave the Bistro, if you follow Eileen she will stop at a vase shop so Ryo will need to talk to her. She will inform him that Fangmei's birthday, March 3rd is coming soon. The dialogue with Eileen will not trigger before the end of February, which only happens if a Shenmue I save that was completed in December or January was transferred.

Now he must head to the Complete Clothier which is on Three Blades Street in the Lucky Charm Quarter, if you made it in time Fangmei will be standing outside looking at something in the window. You need to talk to her, once that is over and you know she was looking at an object on display, go inside the shop and buy it, it costs $150. Lastly, wait until the 3rd of March and when that day arrives head to Xiuying's Room where you can give Fangmei the gift. She was surprised that he knew it was her birthday. It turns out that she was not even interested in the necklace. She was actually looking at the dress because she though it would be good for Xiuying.

Upon completion of the Fangmei Birthday Event when Ryo is about to leave Hong Kong, Fangmei tells him her true feelings for him and gives him an amulet that she says she was found when she was taken into the orphanage.

Either way, Fangmei will always give him the Photo of Xiuying upon his departure to Kowloon.


  • An optional cutscene involves Fangmei getting in a fight at the bistro.[1]
  • Fangmei's Japanese voice actress, Ikue Ōtani also voices Pikachu of the popular Pokemon Franchise.
  • Fangmei's zodiac sign is Pisces and she has a B blood type.


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