Fusako Kondo (近藤フサ子 Kondō Fusako) is a housewife who lives in Sakuragaoka.


Among all the upper and middle class families living in Sakurgaoka, the Kondos are the only family that doesn't own their own house. Instead, they rent it on a monthly basis. Her husband is a longshoreman who spends an inordinate amount of time and money carousing, and only returns home a few times a month. After paying the rent and food expenses from her husband's meager salary, Fusako has very little left for spending money. Their only son, Yohei Kondo, works all day to supplement their income and Fusako spends her time chitchatting with housewives and shopkeepers.

Her best friend is Ine Hayata and at one time, she visited Ine-san almost everyday. Ine-san felt hesitant about seeing her so often, and has asked Masayuki Fukuhara to tell Fusako that she was out on occasion. Fusako however, has almost no bad characteristics and is a gentle, good nature person.


  • Fusako's zodiac sign is Pisces and she has a A blood type.
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