Fusayo Mishima (三島房代 Mishima Fusayo) is a resident of Sakuragaoka who is the mother of Mayumi Mishima and Megumi Mishima. Her husband, Takanobu Mishima, is the captain of a tanker that is mainly involved with trading in the Middle East, and he is away from home for half of every year. Because of his hard work, they are quite wealthy. In fact, everyone in the neighborhood considers them to be the wealthiest family in Sakuragaoka. Fusayo lives a life of leisure, without caring about money.


Socializing with neighbors in the small Sakuragaoka area is a difficult thing for Fusayo as a woman brought up by a wealthy family. When the housewives start socializing at the vacant lot in front of her house, she is obligated to join them. She must share all the gossip with them, but despite her friendliness, she actually doesn't like Natsuki Sumiya and Fusako Kondo.

Being a neat person, she hates the cats that ruin their garden. When her youngest daughter Megumi brings a kitten home, Fusayo immediately shouts at her to "Get rid of it!" without listening to her explanation. She eventually regrets her behavior, and cancels her order, after Megumi and her older daughter, Mayumi, explain the story.


  • Fusayo's zodiac sign is Cancer and she has a O blood type.
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