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The Ghost Hall Building (不幽楼) is a 10 story building in the Thousand White Quarter, Kowloon which has fallen into a bad shape of disrepair. There is a elevator, but it only stops on the 1st and 3rd floor, certain areas have the stairs blocked off so Ryo Hazuki has to cross the planks crossing huge gaping holes in the floor. Also, the God of Wealth Building is accessible from most of the lower floors.

The Five Stars Corp office is located on the 10th floor, which is the office of the company owned by Yuanda Zhu and is the location where he is in hiding from the Chi You Men and Yellow Heads.


If you cross the plank on the 5th floor of the God of Wealth Building, you can reach the 8th floor of the Ghost Hall Building without having to cross any other planks in between floors.

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