Global Travel Agency (世界旅行社) is a travel agency in Dobuita, Yokosuka. The shop is run by Satoshi Shinoda. The shop is known for it's good and professional reputation, unlike the other travel agency in Dobuita; Asia Travel Company which is known for it's bad reputation and scams. Global Travel Agency's fares are very expensive and do not sell boat tickets like Asia Travel does. The shop is open from 9:00 to 20:00.

Ryo Hazuki can enter the shop anytime to ask the owner Satoshi questions on what he is looking for. He can also enter the shop to trigger story events, although these events are purely optional. First, when Tom Johnson suggests that Ryo looks for Chinese people, he refers Ryo to the Global Travel Agency, across the street from his shop Tom's Hot Dogs. Satoshi suggests Ryo ask at Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant.

He can also enter the shop when he's looking to buy a ticket for Hong Kong. Two extra, optional cutscenes can trigger during this time. The first is where Ryo enters the shop and founds out that even with a student discount; the ticket to Hong Kong is very expensive. He can also enter the shop when he founds out boat tickets are much cheaper and trigger the second cutscene. Satoshi sadly informs him that they do not sell any boat tickets. Ryo begs for him to tell him where he can buy it. Satoshi then regretfully refers him to Asia Travel Company, as they sell boat tickets, but are known for scamming their customers.

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