" Hey! Don't get the wrong idea! I'm not collecting capsule toys for money, you know? Capsule toys symbolically expresses my dreams."
―Gongjue expressing his passion for collecting capsule toys.[src]

Gongjue Zhou is a fanatic and collector of the capsule toys. He can be seen buying capsule toys or around pawnshops. He is obsessed with collecting them and gives Ryo Hazuki advice on selling his toys at pawnshops. He also considers Ryo to be his rival in trying to collect them all.

Shenmue II

Ryo can first meet Gongjue when he first arrives at Hong Kong, around Wan Chai, or at Kowloon. If he meets him when he first arrives at Hong Kong or around Wan Chai, then when he arrives at Kowloon; Gongjue is surprised to see that he came to Kowloon too. He challenges him to see who can collect all the rare toys first.

Gongjue doesn't collect the capsule toys for money, he mostly pawns his extras. He says capsule toys symbolically express his dreams and that life is like the capsule toy machines; you never know what will turn up.


  • Gongjue's zodiac sign is Aries and he has a O blood type.


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