"Forget it. You're no match for me."
―Greg insulting Ren's fighting skills after he challenges him.[src]

Greg More is a former pro-wrestler who street fights in the Blue Dragon Garden in the Stand Quarter, Kowloon.

Shenmue II

A scout for the Yellow Heads, Yuandao Huo instructs Ryo Hazuki to defeat Greg, Rod Stunt and Chunyan Xu for access to the Yellow Head Building, where Yuanda Zhu is being held captive.

Ryo needs $1000 to be able to fight Greg which he, ideally, should have earned fighting Rod. When Ryo arrives at the Blue Dragon Garden to challenge Greg, he sees Wuying Ren is there as well. Ren challenges Greg, only to push Ryo into the ring to fight him himself. Ren is then seen placing a bet with the bookie. After Ryo defeats Greg, Ren is upset due to him losing money because he bet that Greg would win. Ryo wins $2000. After, Ryo should fight Chunyan.


  • Greg uses the same fighting style as Wolf Hawkfield from the Virtua Fighter series.
  • Greg's zodiac sign is Gemini and he has a AB blood type.


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