Guixiang Lee (Hànzì: 李桂香, Pinyin: Li Guìxiāng, On'yomi: Ri Keika) is a elderly woman who is a master of Chen-Style Tai Chi. She lives in room 101 of the Yan Tin Apartments. She also taught Jianmin Tao Chen-Style Tai Chi and is a friend of Xiuying Hong.

Shenmue II

Ryo Hazuki first meets Guixiang when searching for Lishao Tao at the Yan Tin Apartments. She calls him a "landshark" and a "punk" mistaking him for one of the landshark gang members (who later turn out to be Yellow Heads).


Guixiang telling Ryo one of the four wude.

While he is learning about the wude and has one more to learn, the man at Bloom Tailor, the owner of Sunny Capital Pharmacy, or Jianmin suggests he ask Guixiang about the last wude (the one who refers you to Guixiang is different depending on the order of the wude you have learned). When passing by the the Yan Tin Apartments he sees Guixiang (not knowing that it's her) being terrorized by the landsharks. He saves her by beating them up. She then realized he was not a landshark. She reveals her identity and tells Ryo the fourth wude without mentioning the name as she had forgot it.

When Ryo is trying to find out what the mysterious paper was that was in the Wulinshu book written by Yuanda Zhu, he asks Ren Cheng of Collect Antiques. He says it's a Chawan Sign and that Guixiang told him about it a long time ago. Ryo goes to meet her at the Yan Tin Apartments and she shows him how to set up the Chawan Sign so he can get in contact with friends of Yuanda Zhu. Later on, he has the opportunity to learn a Chen-Style Tai Chi move from Guixiang called "Hind Blow". He can also say goodbye to her before he leaves Hong Kong.


  • The one who refers you to Guixiang to learn the last of the wude can be different depending on the order of the wude you have learned. If Zhangyu Kong is met last to learn "DAN" he will refer you to Bloom Tailor. If the quest with Master Zhoushan and his expelled disciple Zongquan Bai is done last to learn "JIE", Zhoushan will refer you to Sunny Capital Pharmacy. If Jianmin's Iron Palm move instruction is done last to learn to "GON", he will refer you to Guixiang as he is good friends with her and she lives close to Lotus Park where he stays.
  • Guixiang's zodiac sign is Capricorn and she has a B blood type.


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