Guizhang Chen
February 10th, 1956
Hair color
Eye color
175 cm
70 kg
Yokosuka Trading Company
Chen Family Yokosuka Trading Company
Shenmue II (voice only & mentioned)
Shenmue Side Story
Voice actor
Tetsuya Sakai (Japanese)
Eric Kelso (English)
"Is this the work of the Mad Angels? We always have trouble with that gang, those dirty bastards!"
― Guizhang suspecting that Chai is connected with the Mad Angels.[src]

Guizhang Chen (Hànzì: 陳貴章, Pinyin: Chén Guìzhāng, On'yomi: Chin Kishō) is the son of Yaowen Chen (Master Chen). He is first featured in the first Shenmue, where he is being trained by his father in both his trading business and the Yan Qing Style, a martial art handed down over multiple generations in their family. He and Joy are also good friends, as seen in Shenmue Side Story.


When Nozomi Harasaki is kidnapped, the Mad Angels tell Ryo Hazuki he can get her back if he defeats Guizhang. Ryo challenges Guizhang to a fight and tries to get Guizhang to throw the fight and feign defeat but Guizhang and Ryo seem evenly matched, however, soon after, the pair have to fight side by side when the 70-man gang attack them. After defeating them all, Guizhang defeats their leader, Terry Ryan, himself.

Shen Ryo vs. Guizhang alternate

Guizhang fighting Ryo after he ambushes him.

At the end of the game, Guizhang intended to travel with Ryo to China to help him in his search for Lan Di but before boarding the boat he is injured saving Ryo from an attack by Chai, an underling of Lan Di. Master Chen has Guizhang stay with him until his leg is healed. Guizhang tells Ryo to go and that he will catch up soon when his injury is healed.

Shenmue II

Although he does not appear in Shenmue II; his voice can be heard in a cassette tape when Ryo and Wuying Ren are gathering clues on Yuanda Zhu, where he was having a conversation with Joy. Ryo and Joy can also talk about him at one point in Fortune's Pier, where Ryo will tell her that he was injured. He also appears in a side story comic in the Xbox version of the game.


As an international businessman, Guizhang knows many different languages, including Japanese, English, Chinese and Russian. He likes Chinese food, especially the very hot Sichuan style, one example being tantan-mian ramen. He also likes GanShaoMinXia, prawns with chili sauce. He is also good at playing pool and likes dancing.


  • During the time when Ryo finds out that he has to get a job at the harbor, Guizhang can translate the "Stab Armor" and "Mysterious Scroll" move scrolls found in the Hazuki Residence that are written in Chinese. Ryo will have to call Warehouse #8 (61-5647), give the proper password, and go to the old Warehouse #8 then the scene will trigger. He will have to make separate appointments for each scroll.
  • Guizhang's zodiac sign is Aquarius and he has a A blood type.
  • Master Chen's phone number is 0468-61-5647. When dialing Master Chen, Ryo will need to give the proper password (Father's Heaven, Nine Dragons, Mother's Earth, Comrades). He will always speak to Guizhang.


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