"Do you know the four wude? I can tell that you know the martial arts. Wude is necessary for those who've mastered the art. If you understand wude, then you'll have your meeting."
―Hanhui asking Ryo to learn the wude before meeting Lishao Tao.[src]

Hanhui Liu (劉漢輝 Liú Hànhuī) is the monk at Man Mo Temple.


Hanhui is a very serious man who has a deep interest in the Japanese martial arts, he often asks Ryo Hazuki to demonstrate his moves. He is also well acquainted with Chinese martial arts.

Shenmue II

Ryo first comes into contact with Hanhui while searching for the martial arts master named Lishao Tao. He says he can meet the master once he learns the four wude. After learning the wude, Ryo mistaken Hanhui for the master, as he believed that Lishao Tao was a man, until he revealed that Master Tao was in fact a woman named Xiuying Hong.

Hanhui can also teach Ryo a move called Lunging Strike if he airs out all the books at the Temple Library for two days.

Before Ryo leaves Wan Chai for Kowloon, he can say goodbye to Hanhui who is inside the temple at the time.


  • Hanhui's zodiac sign is Libra and he has a AB blood type.


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