Haohui Du (杜昊辉) is part of the Poison Brothers gang in Aberdeen. He is a drunk that annoys everyone who makes eye contact with him. He is the brother of Bangzhuo Du. Haohui has an evil face, but he's really just all talk and not that tough.

Shenmue II

Ryo Hazuki first meets Haohui and his brother when searching for the thieves that stole his bag. He asks the brothers if they have seen a group of four people including a kid. Bangzhuo rudely says he doesn't know and tells him to scram. They then demand he pay money before he leaves. He refuses then the brothers are about to fight him until Joy comes, then they leave.

Ryo encounters Haohui and his brother later on when setting up a Chawan Sign in either Ling Ling Porridge or the Canton Cafe. They come for payback and fight him, but he defeats the brothers effortlessly depending on how he does on the QTE.

Haohui can be seen again in Kowloon fighting Master Baihu in the Ox Building.


  • Haohui's zodiac sign is Leo and he has a AB blood type.


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