Haoyi Ping is the bookie at the Lucky Hit Museum in the Dimsum Quarter, Kowloon. He says he lived in the same town as Muhammed Karim who arm wrestles.

In the original Japanese Dreamcast version of Shenmue II his name is Najimu Hassan (ナジム・ハッサン Najimu hassan) and he wears a headdress and Arabic clothing. In the European Dreamcast version, his name is kept but the headdress is removed and he wears different clothing. The outfit change is kept in the Xbox versions, but his name is changed to "Haoyi Ping". The name and outfit change are still intact in the game's re-release Shenmue I & II. For the sake of consistency, this wiki will refer to him as "Haoyi Ping".


  • Haoyi's zodiac sign is Pisces and he has a O blood type.


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