"Joke's on you schoolboy!"
―Harry after ambushing Ryo for the first time in the New Yokosuka Harbor District.[src]

Harry Thompson (ハリー・トンプソン Harī Tonpuson) is an American sailor from Texas and the leader of a gang of foreign sailors who work at the New Yokosuka Harbor District.


Harry learned martial arts while he was in the navy. He is a skilled fighter and even earned money as a street fighter for a while before he was discharged from military service. In his hometown he became a legend after having 98 consecutive wins. He can be a friendly person when he feels like it and likes to go drinking in the evenings around Dobuita. His friends call him "Crazy Harry" because when he gets angry, no one can control him.


  • Harry has a AB blood type.
  • When Harry ambushes Ryo for the first time at the New Yokosuka Harbor District, and Ryo beats him and the other sailors that were with him, Harry in the original Japanese version said "Goddamn!". In the English version, this was changed to "Oh man!".
  • A picture of 5 americans can been seen in room 201 of Hotel Niaowu in Shenmue III. Harry is among them.


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