Hiromi Komine (小峯寛美 Komine Hiromi) is the owner of Komine Bakery in Dobuita, Yokosuka. He is the father of Yuka Komine.


Hiromi is a proud craftsman from Yokosuka. He worked for a precision machine-related manufacturer in Kawasaki, but resigned from the company eight years ago to open his bakery.


Because he is clever with his fingers and patient by nature, baking is an optimal occupation for him. He likes to see people, children in particular, smiling, and that’s the reason he keeps trying to bake new types of bread. He commits himself to developing new bread day and night. Flourishing competitors such as Tom's Hot Dogs, the Funny Bear Burgers hamburger place, and Bob’s Pizzeria are a threat to his baker. However when he hears his daughter say, “My daddy’s bread is the best!” all his worries disappear.


  • Hiromi's zodiac sign is Sagittarius and he has a O blood type.
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