Hiroshi Tamura (田村宏 Tamura Hiroshi) is the owner of Tamura Butcher Shop in Dobuita.

It is said that Hiroshi already reached his present height and weight when he was only 12 years old. His strength was illustrated by the fact that when Masaru Aoi (who is 10 years older than him) was a high school student, took him out on one of their “fighting expeditions”. Masaru boasted of Hiroshi, saying he was “my right hand man”. By the time Hiroshi became a high school student, no one anywhere was a match for him. Contrary to his image as a fighter, Hiroshi is a warm person. He likes to win fights, but does not actually like fighting. After graduating from high school, while many of his pals were doing nothing, Hiroshi took over his father’s business without hesitation. Soon afterward, he got married to Michiko, a girl who had once been a troublemaker in her own right. They now have a child and Hiroshi has matured. He is the vice chairman of the Dobuita Shopkeepers Association. Ryo Hazuki, who has something reckless about him, reminds Hiroshi of his younger days, but he feels annoyed when senior members compare him unfavorably by saying, “Ryo is not as vulgar as you were”.


  • Hiroshi's zodiac sign is Pisces and he has a O blood type.
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