Hiroyuki Orihara (折原浩之 Orihara Hiroyuki) is the owner of Bar Linda in Dobuita, Yokosuka.


Hiroyuki came to Tokyo dreaming of the city life after quitting his high school in Shikoku, but found that reality bites. He had to work at a construction site in the daytime and work as a bartender at night. During that time he met Kyoko Hayashida at the club in Shinjuku, nearly ten years ago.

A year later, they started dating secretly because Kyoko came from an upstanding family, who cared about differences in social status. Hiroyuki was very happy being with Kyoko, and she with him. Four years later, when Kyoko's mother attempted to pay him off if he would leave, Hiroyuki refused the bribe but made up his mind to leave Kyoko for her sake. However, when Kyoko found out that her mother had tried to bribe him, she asked him to run away and elope with her.

They fled to a small town and had a simple wedding ceremony with no one attending and proceeded to lead a humble, but happy life. They saved money by working part-time jobs with the intention of opening up their own bar someday. They moved to Yokosuka three years ago. Kyoko uses Hayashi as her last name and they opened the bar, hiding the fact that they are a married couple. The name, Linda, is taken from Kyoko's real name, Hayashida. The two lead a peaceful and happy life now.


  • Orihara's zodiac sign is Pisces and he has a AB blood type.
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