Hisaka Sawano (沢野ひさか Sawano Hisaka) is the first daughter of Kinuyo Sawano and the older sister of Mai Sawano. She is the manager of Hokuhoku Lunches at the New Yokosuka Harbor District.


Many of the workers line up to buy Hisaka’s lunches during lunch hour. Her neighbors, ranging from children to elderly people, adore her. After her father died, she helped her mother run Hokuhoku Lunches while she was still attending high school. Until the business started running smoothly, she had a lot of problems and was even hospitalized due to overwork. Her younger sister, Mai, has unfortuantely become somewhat of a delinquent due to feeling neglected and lonely. She is still single, but has a lot of admirers in both the neighborhood and around the harbor.


  • Hisaka's zodiac sign is Virgo and she has a A blood type.


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