Ichiro Maeda (前田一郎 Maeda Ichirō) is the owner of Maeda Barbershop in Dobuita. He is also the father of Miki Maeda.


Ichiro runs his old-fashioned barbershop by the old-fashioned principle, “Real men wear their hair cropped short.” and he means it. The fact that young men’s longer hairstyles are becoming increasingly more popular is of no concern to him. He stands by his conviction that men’s hair should only be crew cut style. He even wishes to cut Tom Johnson’s hair in this style, going so far as to offer to pay Tom to let him do so. Ryo Hazuki has been his customer for a long time, which makes it difficult for Ryo to explain current trends to him. Whenever he goes, Ichiro always rants and raves, preaching to Ryo while he is trimming his hair. Partly because of that, when Ryo was a boy, he had the impression that Ichiro was a “scary man.” That imprint makes Ryo afraid of him even now.

Although Ichiro is very strict with boys, he is a gentle, sensible father towards his daughter Miki. He respects his daughter’s freedom and lets her do what she likes as long as she takes responsibility for her actions. He does however, make it a rule that she exchanges greetings properly, and prohibits her from riding on a motorcycle. He hopes that his future son-in-law, whoever he may be, will take over the shop one day, but Miki seems to have rather different plans for the shop.

Ryo can go to Ichiro when searching for the Three Blades. He suggests he ask over at Liu Barber & Hair Salon due to it being a Three Blades barbershop.


  • Ichiro's zodiac sign is Aquarius and he has a O blood type.


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