"... who could tell the son of Iwao Hazuki to stay out of trouble? I hate to say it but ... I feel like I'm letting your father down."
―Ine-san to Ryo Hazuki after eavesdropping on his conversation with Fuku-san.[src]

Ine Hayata (Kanji: 早田稲, Rōmaji: Hayata Ine), more commonly known as Ine-san (稲さん), is the live-in housekeeper at the Hazuki Residence where she takes care of the basic running of the house. Ine-san is the mother-figure of Ryo Hazuki and has known him since he was three years old.


Shen Intro 2

Ine-san knocked down.

Ine-san was present on the day Lan Di came to the Hazuki Dojo and was attacked, or at least knocked down, by either Lan Di or the men in black suits. To cope with the death of Iwao Hazuki, she works hard and keeps herself busy to avoid depression. She is responsible for overseeing Ryo's curfew and also gives him an ¥500 allowance daily.

Ine-san becomes very worried about Ryo and his quest for vengeance, but as time goes on she realizes this is something Ryo needs to do for himself and offers a little help when she can.

She later gives him a late letter addressed to his father, warning him of his possible death, but he received it too late. She originally kept it hidden in fear that Ryo would become even more motivated in his search.

Just before Ryo leaves to Hong Kong, she doesn't appear directly, instead hiding behind the house and hoping he will return safe.


  • Because the game does not explain her role that well, some players confuse her to be Ryo's biological mother.
  • Ine's zodiac sign is Leo and she has an A blood type.


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