Izumi Takano (Kanji: 高野和泉, Rōmaji: Takano Izumi) works at the Tomato Convenience Store in the Golden Qr., Wan Chai. Just like Ryo Hazuki she was new to Hong Kong.

Shenmue II

If Ryo meets Izumi, she becomes friends with him after they find out they are both Japanese and the same age. She also practices martial arts, sometimes taking part in events at the Pine Game Arcade. It is also possible to fight her at the arcade, after defeating Eileen M. Edelweiss. Izumi promises to take Ryo to a "special place" if he can beat her. If he defeats her, he will be awarded the Big Silver Medal by the bookie Gangfang Lin. Ryo can also pay Gangfang to watch Izumi fight Eileen instead of actually fighting them.

If Ryo visits Izumi after defeating her, she can take him to that special place if he agrees to go. She takes him to the Duck Racing event. Ryo can also win the Big Gold Medal there.

Ryo also has the option to say goodbye to Izumi when he is leaving Hong Kong for Kowloon. She will seem upset and can ask Ryo things if he continues to talk to her like if he can give her some of his time and if he would like to go to her place. Ryo will always say he has to go because he's leaving Hong Kong.


Izumi is a 18 year old Japanese student who came to Hong Kong to study. She also studies martial arts. Izumi seems to have a crush on Ryo, as when he asks her about Xiuying Hong she seems to get jealous. Also she really wants to spend time with him, but Ryo refuses due to his quest for revenge and due to him shying away from romantic relationships.


  • Izumi appears in the What's Shenmue? demo as a guard to stop the player from entering a restricted area in the demo.
  • Izumi's zodiac sign is Libra and she has a AB blood type.
  • According to a former employee of Sega, Izumi was originally a rejected character design for the first game's heroine, which later became Nozomi Harasaki. Izumi's appearance in the sequel was the result of another developer, Mr. O, pushing for her design to be used in the second game.


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