"Hmm? Whaddaya want?"
―Ma to Ryo

Jialing Ma (Hànzì: 馬佳齢, Pinyin: Mǎ Jiālíng, On'yomi: Me Keiren) is the owner of Hotel Niaowu. She's definitely bossy and rather rude with Ryo Hazuki, but she doesn't hesitate to ask for his help when she needs it. She usually doesn't want to answer any question from Ryo, however she's willing to sell him International Phone cards. Everyday, she charges Ryo 28 yuan for the rent of the room. If Ryo doesn't have enough money, she'll send him to chop some wood with Xuezhong Yan.

Shenmue III

  • Ryo may talk to Ma to start the Catch the Skipper! sidequest.
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