Jianmin Tao (Hànzì: 陶健民, Pinyin: Táo Jiànmín, On'yomi: Tō Kenmin) is an elderly man who can be seen in Lotus Park in the South Carmain Quarter practicing Chen-Style Tai Chi. Guixiang Lee taught him the style.

Shenmue II

Ryo Hazuki first meets Jianmin and spars with him either when he enters the center of Lotus Park anytime before entering Man Mo Temple for the first time, or when he is learning about the wude to meet with Lishao Tao. Jianmin knows the wude and teaches Ryo about one, only if he can cover the ground with leaves using a Tai Chi move called Iron Palm. Ryo masters the move until he covered enough of the ground with leaves by practicing the move on a tree in the park. Jianmin keeps his word and tells Ryo one of the wude, "GON". After this, if "GON" is the last wude that Ryo learned before "YI", Jianmin will refer him to his friend Guixiang to learn the last wude.

Once Ryo is getting ready to leave Wan Chai for Kowloon, he can say goodbye to Jianmin.


  • Jianmin's zodiac sign is Aries and he has a O blood type.


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