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"I'm sorry! Forgive me! I don't have it anymore! I'M SORRY!"
―Jimmy after being chased by Ryo for swindling him. — Listen (file info)[src]

Jimmy Yan (ジミー・ヤン Jimī Yan) is a member of the Mad Angels and the manager of Asia Travel Company.


Although he manages Asia Travel Company, he is not the real owner. He has no true authority in the management and the running of the company and therefore he lacks the motivation to provide good service. Etsuko Sekine, his employee, is his mistress and has him wrapped around her little finger. His only real pleasure in life is gambling so he goes to the casino every day to release his stress. He also has a wife and kids.


Ryo Hazuki first meets Jimmy when he arrives at Asia Travel Company to pick up the Hong Kong ticket four or more hours after he payed for it as instructed by Etsuko. Jimmy acts clueless about it and even says he does not know any woman who works there. Ryo angrily calls the whole incident a scam. Jimmy's henchmen, Kouji Hase and Kazumi Minowa try to intimidate Ryo, but he knocks them out instantly making Jimmy terrified. Ryo grabs his neck choking him demanding that he sorts the whole thing out. Jimmy then catching his breath after he lets go says he'll call him first thing tomorrow.

The next day, Ryo gets a call from Jimmy telling him to meet him at the You Arcade at noon to pick up his ticket.

The next day or after the fight with Chai (depending on if the fight is failed or not) after being scammed yet again by Jimmy, he angrily knocks on the locked Asia Travel Company door. Once Jimmy opens the door, he cowardly runs away making Ryo chase him throughout Dobuita. Once he catches up to him he demands his ticket, although he claims he doesn't have it anymore.

This is true. Back at Asia Travel, Jimmy says an employee ran off with the money which was most likely Etsuko. He begs him not to hurt him, and desperately tries to get him away from him by even attempting to give him a ticket to the Philippines, which is useless to him. He plans on skipping town since he's bankrupt and he can't get no Hong Kong ticket anywhere. Ryo grabs his neck and asks him questions about the skinhead Chai and the Mad Angels. Jimmy answers his questions even though it could result in him being killed by the gang. Jimmy does not appear again after this, and his status is left unknown. It could possible that he skipped town like he said he was going to, but this isn't actually confirmed.


  • There is an unused scene with Jimmy, where he is at the You Arcade with Ryo, which was most likely to take place after the QTE Chase with him. Jimmy is on the ground and once he gets up, Ryo does a floor sweep on him and checks his arm for a tattoo is to see whether he's a member of the Chi You Men, or not.
  • Another unused scene with Jimmy can be found in the files of Shenmue Disc 2 where he is at Asia Travel Company. There are no voices or subtitles, and it appears Jimmy is giving Ryo a ticket, possibly the ticket to Hong Kong due to the way he apologizes and how calm Ryo stays.
  • Jimmy's zodiac sign is Virgo and he has a B blood type.
  • Jimmy Yan is the only Chinese (or ethnically Chinese) member of the Mad Angels, as the gang is mostly made up of Japanese and American expatriates in Japan.