Jin Niu is a member of the Yellow Heads.

Shenmue II

Jin is first seen along with other guys accompanying Yuan in the F Warehouse where they were making a deal with Gangfang Lin. After Wuying Ren interrupts the deal and steals the money, Ryo is forced to deal with Jin and Liang Yan. If Ryo defeats them, Yuan will cowardly flee saying that he won't get away with what he did. If Jin and Liang defeat Ryo, they will leave him at the warehouse tied up.

Jin is seen again in the Yellow Head Building, where he attempts to hit Ryo Hazuki with a pipe while Yuan chases him and Ren with a chainsaw.

Shenmue Online Profile


Jin Niu artwork in Shenmue Online


Physical Strength: 270

Attack Power: 47

Battle Method: Grapple

Level: Ten


  • Jin's zodiac sign is Leo and he has a A blood type.


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