"Children shouldn't play around with forklifts. You might get hurt, you know. Ha!"
―Jones harassing Ryo at his job in the New Yokosuka Harbor District[src]

Jones Henders (ジョーンズ・ヘンダース Jōnzu hendāsu) is a member of a gang of foreign sailors and a worker at the New Yokosuka Harbor District. He serves aboard the same ship as Harry Thompson.


Jones met Harry by losing to him in a street fight. They then became friends and started hanging out. Jones takes good care of his mustache to make up for his bald head. He is violent and anti-social, but can be warm to his friends once he gets close to them.


  • Jones has a B blood type.
  • A picture of 5 americans can been seen in room 201 of Hotel Niaowu in Shenmue III. Jones is among them.


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