"You must be Japanese. Watch out. Here in Hong Kong, you can easily get run over."
―Joy meeting Ryo[src]

Joy (ジョイ Joi) is a young Chinese woman who can most often be seen around Aberdeen in Hong Kong, China riding her motorcycle.


Joy has an outspoken and confident personality, contrasting the more reserved and shy personalities of Nozomi Harasaki and Shenhua Ling. She lives a risky life on the edge, but she is street smart to make up for it. If one of her friends has been wronged, she can get revenge such as when she fools a scam artist.

She is a fan of biking and seems to enjoy rock and roll music. She may also be a fan of video games, as she can be found in the Pine Game Arcade.


Coming from a rich family, Joy is well known in the area because her father Chunyun Liang is a well-established businessman. He trades with Master Chen in Yokosuka. As such, a lot of people know and are friendly to Joy.

Since her father trades with Master Chen, she and his son Guizhang Chen know each other very well and consider each other friends. As seen in Shenmue Side Story, Guizhang once rescued her as a little girl.

She is also friends with the various Heavens members such as Wuying Ren and Xianweng Ni (Wong).

Shenmue II

Shen2 lets get moving an get u to work

Joy helping Ryo get a job.

After she first meets Ryo Hazuki in Aberdeen after she carelessly almost runs her bike into him, she becomes interested in helping him out and does so on several occasions such as showing him to a place to sleep at the Come Over Guest House and getting him a job at the harbor with Delin Hong.

It is not entirely clear why Joy puts so much effort into helping Ryo, although it is possible she may have developed an interest in his quest, or developed a crush. She considers him a friend, and she seems very annoyed or hurt when Ryo does not show any interest in her back. In the Japanese version of the game, Ryo is also a bit ruder to her, leading to banter between them.

Shen2 u didnt even tell me that u were leaving hk

Joy pissed at Ryo for not saying bye.

She and Wong follow Ryo and Ren to Kowloon and try to help them. She is quite mad at Ryo for not telling her he was leaving. Later, Joy informs Ryo that Yuanda Zhu is being held captive in the Yellow Head Building.

Joy decides to follow Ryo, Ren and Wong to the building to help them, but does not tell them. She ends up being captured by the Yellow Heads and held hostage by Master Baihu. Ryo defeats him and frees Joy.

Shen2 Do as I say

Joy after being rescued by Ryo.

Ryo and Joy explore the Yellow Head Building. She follows him to the roof to save Wong and gives Ryo morale support during the fight against Dou Niu.

Joy decides to stay while Ryo goes to Guilin. She says bye to Ryo with Wong.

Shenmue III

In the second part of the game at Hotel Niaowu, Ryo can use the telephone to call Joy and she and Ryo will catch up. Joy is annoyed at him for not calling her earlier, although Ryo explains he hasn't come across a lot of phones. Throughout their conversation, Joy begins taking Ryo's words the wrong way, for example, if Ryo mentions Wong helped him, Joy replies, "And I didn't?" Ryo then finally shows appreciation for her help, causing Joy to say, "Now you tell me!" Their conversation then grows awkward with a long moment of silence. Ryo then mentions he's about to end the call, causing Joy to get offended because they've barely talked. Ryo says he will call again sometime and Joy says she won't get her hopes up. Ryo says he'd be worried if she did and Joy says "Damn you, Ryo! Well, whatever! Just don't get hurt!"



  • Joy's eyes are blue for her in-game model but are brown in her renders.
  • Joy's zodiac sign is Leo and she has a B blood type.
  • Joy mentions the words "Hang-On" when picking up Ryo over at the Come Over Guest House, a plug of the same game.
  • There is an extra scene where Ryo has a short flashback about Joy in Kowloon that is easily missed. Ryo must go up to her bike near the Tea Break Building in the Dimsum Qr. and press X to trigger the extra scene. This has to be done before Ryo gets caught by Dou Niu.[1]
  • If Ryo meets Joy for the first time at night, there will be no one in her way before she barges into Ryo with her motorcycle. She also will not say her spoken line "Get out of my way!" in that bit like she says during the day. Another noticeable difference in all of the scenes with Joy at night is that her motorcycle lights are flashing and lit.[2]


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