Junko Yamamoto (Kanji: 山本順子, Rōmaji: Yamamoto Junko) is the owner of Manpukuken Ramen in Dobuita, Yokosuka.


Junko, the cheerful owner of the Manpukuken Ramen experienced a tragic misfortune in her life. The man she fell madly in love with and married passed away at a young age, leaving her a widow with his unique Chinese recipe for ramen noodle soup to remind her of him. This proved to be enough to enable her to establish the popular local ramen shop that is now successful. In fact, the taste of the broth is so delicious that people come from all over the country to her small shop in Dobuita just to eat that special ramen.

Even on the busiest of days though, Junko can be seen staring off into the distance reminiscing about the days when her husband was alive as she pours the broth into the bowls.


Ryo Hazuki can come into contact with Junko when searching for members of the Three Blades. Tao Duo Ji referred him to Manpukuken Ramen. She reveals that her husband was a Three Blade member but sadly passed away. She then refers him to two other Three Blade members named Yong Zhu Yan and Wu Li Xian who drink at Bar Yokosuka at night.


  • Junko's zodiac sign is Sagittarius and she has a A blood type.
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