Kame Shibukawa (Kanji: 渋川亀, Rōmaji: Shibukawa Kame) is an elderly woman that Ryo Hazuki meets in Sakuragaoka.


Kame lives in Chiba, but came to Yokosuka to visit her friend Yamamoto-san when she lost her way.

Her eyesight is bad, but she is a very sweet woman and always talks quietly and politely in the manner of a mild-mannered grandmother. She also is an acquaintance of Xia Xiu Yu and goes to Dobuita once in a while to visit her.


When Ryo is about to visit Shigeo Yamagishi to ask about the Black Car that hit him, Kame stops him and asks if he can read an nameplate. It read "Tajima" (presumably Eri Tajima's home) and she is looking for the Yamamoto's house, but had a difficult time doing so due to her eyesight being bad. Ryo offers to help her find it, and asks her to wait for him at Sakuragaoka Park.

It is optional for Ryo to find the house. If he does find it and goes to Sakuragaoka Park to let Kame know, she will be very grateful.

If Ryo helps Kame, he can encounter her once more. While searching for a translator for the letter addressed to his father Iwao Hazuki, he needs to speak to Tao Duo Ji of Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant. He will refer him to Wang Guang Ji who is at the vending machine near the entrance of Dobuita. Ryo must not buy him a drink and after he told him that he can't read the letter, he needs to head to Sakuragaoka.

Kame will be there and he can converse with her. This is the only way she can ever be met again. She will refer Ryo to Xia Xiu Yu.


  • Kame's zodiac sign is Taurus and she has a O blood type.
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